Goldfields Explosives has been accepted as Associate Members of the Australasian Explosives Industry Safety Group (AEISG). The primary goal of the AEISG is to continuously improve the level of safety and security throughout the manufacture, transport, storage, handling and use of explosives and their precursors (e.g. AN, ANEs) throughout Australasia.

  • Create an environment for open exchange of opinions/ideas on explosives industry matters;
  • Disseminate information in relation to explosives industry issues,
  • Health and safety (e.g. accidents, incidents)
  • Security
  • Environmental
  • Technological advances in safety and security
  • Represent the explosives industry nationally and internationally to regulatory bodies on safety, security and other matters;
  • Liaise with national and international organisations to progress improved safety and security in the explosives industry;
  • Develop and promote industry Codes of Practice (minimum acceptable standards);
  • Promote consistency in legislation covering the explosives industry;
  • Promote community perception of a competent and responsible industry.

You can access the AEISG website here: